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Many times date of birth, occupation, name of parents, age, and location of domicile are also included.
This book lists Sephardic movers and shakers during the period.
(24) From the.
This reference documents the assimilation, name changes and coversion of many Sephardic families in Spain, England and The Netherlands.(28l) Jewish Portuguese families of Rio de la Plata.(28g) "Portuguese" of Salta.(28) From the book, "Judios Conversos" (Jewish Converts) by Mario Javier Saban.This book contains a list of names of Sephardim families that returned to Portugal teclado kbc poker ii and Gibralter after hundreds of years of expulsion.(Apellidos corrientes entre los Sephardies (15) From the book, "The Jews of the Balkans, The Judeo-Spanish Community, 15th to 20th Centuries by Esther Benbassa and Aron Rodrigue.Email address 13) From the book, "The Jews of New Spain by Seymour.Los antepasados Judios de las familias Argentinas.The names of the Sephardim (and their residences) mentioned were, sometimes, involved with the inquisition.List of names provided by David Ferdinando.(33h) "Carvajal and Pepys by Wilfred Samuel.
This publication contains a list of 517 Sephardic families punished by the inquisition in Portugal and Brazil.
Many of the names listed here represent the famous names of Jewish/Sephardic Argentina.

The authors have attempted to provide the ports of departure of these immigrants.
(37) Sephardic names from the book, "A Origem Judaica dos Brasileiros by Jose Geraldo Rodrigues de Alckmin Filho, who personally provided the text.
The book provides the place of birth and the year of arrival.