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Bono accident velo

U2 prévoyait une grande tournée l'an prochain pour promouvoir leur album.
While riding his bike through New Yorks Central Park on Sunday, the singer attempted to avoid another rider and was involved in what doctors have called a high energy bicycle accident.
As I write this, it is not clear that I will ever play guitar again.
He was taken emergently to the operating room for a five-hour surgery Sunday evening where the elbow was washed out and debrided, a nerve trapped in the break was moved and the bone was repaired with three metal plates and 18 screws.In the letter to his fans, he said he was unable to move around physically and would have to "concentrate hard" to be fit for U2's next tour.The singer suffered numerous serious injuries, including a facial fracture involving the orbit of his eye, three separate fractures of his left shoulder blade and a fracture of his left humerus bone in his upper arm.Avant de pouvoir remonter sur scène avec.But we went there.The consequences of this freak accident bingo online para android are significant enough that I will have to concentrate hard to be ready for the U2 tour in fitness termsBono.U2 frontman Bono says he fears that he may never play guitar again following a bike accident last November.Victime d'un grave accident de deux-roues à New York dimanche dernier, le chanteur de U2 a été opéré dans la foulée.Bono was rushed to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Centers Emergency Department and underwent multiple X-rays and CAT scans followed by five hours of surgery.Il nous manque un homme ont déclaré les musiciens.The Irish rocker spoke this week about being on painkillers for weeks and said he had a "massive injury, I can't blame on anyone but myself".«Bono s'est blessé au bras dans une chute de vélo à Central Park et doit être opéré.The latter injury was particularly damaging, with the bone shattering in six different places and tearing through his skin.A to Z of 2014, published on the band's website.

Son coude gauche a été soigné et l'os fracturé de sp, bras a été réparé avec trois plaques de métal attachées par 18 vis, a précisé Dean Lorich, chirurgien orthopédique au New York Presbiterian hospital.
He made the comment in his.
He talked about learning from his mistakes adding "the first of which is the discovery that I am not an armoured vehicle".