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Emp jammer slot machine how to make

32 gauge Magnet Wire /itpubly.
Hot glue (if you need) /lBnlm.
How to make slot jammer.
An electromagnetic pulse (EMP also sometimes called a transient electromagnetic disturbance, is a short burst of electromagnetic energy.Find me here m/KedardNimbalkar m/kedardn m/kedarnimbalkar/ m/kedardnimbalkar/ m/ m/profile/Kedar-Nimbalkar m/member/Kedar Nimbalkar imagine that you have extraordinary superpower to destroy any electronic device or interrupt (disconnect) cell phones calling or evan disable phones around you (30cm) or jam a slotmachine or a vending machine hack,and under.Get it connect.7 v battery,then make spark gap as described in the video by using any push swith or you can use spark plug instead,then make an antena coil and you are ready.Some kind of glue /FAC7w.rTH9lj1YJ7Y, eMP Jammer poker mental game test on my Microwave gone wrong /Ud0U2Vk50cc 5 EMP Jammer /4ldKP0aGIhY, emp cellphone jammer.3.7 v battery /8V2i1.Whatsapp: Wechat: jiayucd working principle for the emp jammer slot machine jammer Malaysia wukong emp device Anti alarm Ocean king jammer EMP wukong BMW Ferrari crocodile : When the game machine is working can emit high frequency electromagnetic waves, the game machine on the motherboard.Steps to make your own emp.Oh well, back to the drawing boardwhich is where we come in: we'll show you how to build a small EMP generator for fun.Q4WzhlJmRD8, how To Make USB Killer /82-MDymVkps, uSB Killer test on Mobile Phone - instant death?Check this Videos, dIY How To Make EMP Ray Gun!7000 volt High Voltage Converter /oFb09C.

This is how to empty a slotmachine (come svuotare una slot)!
Instructibles caution : this jammer involves several hundred volts which MAY cause hazard OR injury OR even death please DO this AT your OWN risk.
Be careful, though: the high voltages involved could be dangerous.