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Eyes slot pathfinder

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I like the concept but doubt it is balanced.
Construction Requirements Cost 12,500 gp Craft Wondrous Item, disintegrate, creator must be a transmuter Arachnid Goggles Price 15,000 gp; Aura moderate transmutation; CL 9th; Weight 2 lbs.
Construction Requirements Cost 1,300 gp Craft Wondrous Item, expeditious retreat, touch of the sea Rainbow Lenses Price 21,000 gp; Aura strong enchantment; CL 15th; Weight These lenses interfere with the wearer's ability to see color, and everything appears in shades of black and white,.For those that don't want to look up the rules, you take the value of the higher priced item and add the value of the lower priced item multiplied.5 marca apuestas jugador congelado or como obtener suerte en los juegos de azar PH(L*1.5) where H is the high price, L is the low price and.Construction Requirements Cost 92,400 gp Craft Wondrous Item, analyze dweomer, true seeing.Last post: 1 hour, 12 minutes ago by pfrpgrognard Is it possible to "reason with" an animal without the use of animal empathy?Construction Requirements Cost 1,250 gp Craft Wondrous Item, clairaudience/clairvoyance Eyes of the Owl Price 4,000 gp; Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th; Weight These magical goggles are decorated with owl motifs, including clusters of feathers over the eyes.Biped (claws/paws armor, belt, juegos de cartas rpg para imprimir chest, eyes, headband, neck, ring, shoulders, wrist.That's what makes the game interesting.In.5, headband/hat/helmet/phylactery was one slot.On command, the wearer can use charm monster (Will DC 19 to negate or once per day the wearer can use dominate person (Will DC 20 to negate) instead.This monocle helps draw out the truth of things, and was originally created to aid in the investigation of crimes and the questioning of witnesses.Tholas wrote: seekerofshadowlight wrote: Man with that chart a phylactery does go in the headband slot Dang, yes.It all depends on the cleric and what each item did.If you're playing a "healer" cleric the 2d6 channel is a great boon, but if you're into "many spells" builds the bonus on Wis/Cha is better.

That meant that you were limited to transferring 1 item at a time, could not go adventuring in the interim, and it would throw off some of your spellcasting for about two days (since you aren't preparing new spells in the meantime).
Since it appeared as an oversight during development I fought it was important to point out and with your participation in this thread I am now satisfied that you (developers) are aware.
While wearing these goggles, the wearer can use detect secret doors at will.