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Orc Helm for an, orc Hero Helm.
Rekenber Victims, rune-Midgarts Kingdom, gems, z-Gang, the Sign.
Orcish Vouchers, but do NOT bring the Axe with you.After you have killed all the Side Winders, return to King Froggy, he will ask you for 100 Venom Canine.Talk to the Phendark, answering: Zealotus, hates, phendark, keep insulting him Talk to Zealotus again, giving the rest of the items to her, and she reward you with the Zealotus Mask.Llegando a Morroc, se van al field de arriba (vertical de donde aparecen, no se equivoquen con el warp de de la esquina izquierda).If it becomes available again, this notice will be removed.Progress can be tracked using the Quest Log window (ALT U or by enabling Show Quest Information in the chat window options.Son dropeados.00.Near the southern part of the map.Kill 20 Zerom and 20 Requiem.Kill 40 Firelock Soldier and 20 The Paper.Into the Unknown Quests, manuk, other World Allied Camp, splendide.Orc Helm and an, orcish Voucher.Talk to the Rybio once more.Solo Box Quest Alberta (120, 106) Speak to Alonie (120, 206) in Northern Alberta, outside the mansion.Talk to him again, then he'll tell you to get 100.Dewata, gonryun, louyang, moscovia, port Malaya, god Items.
Near one of the buildings at the top, is the.
Catfoot Hairpin Quest gef_fild05 (79, 149) Speak to Myu on the old wild rose map (gef_fild05 79, 149).

Zealotus Mask Quest, item Requirements: See Zealotus Mask on the.
Talk to the Sunglasses Trader NPC in Alberta (88, 193) She will ask for a 1carat Diamond, 50 Feathers, and 100,000 Zeny.